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gross..BB post

So apparently Natalie's boyfriend really DID propose.......what do you guys think of the whole twisty tie thing now that we know it wasn't a lie? I think it's terribly tacky to show up on primetime tv with no real ring....dude might as well have waited til he got some money for a real ring.


To slave2beauty, hookedonmac, etc.:

I just woke up from a nap...A nice long much needed nap.....but before I laid down for my nap, I made sure to tell Paypal to remove my credit due to the fact that I received my package.

Also, I would like to point out....If I really did receive the package from the beginning, why would I say that I had it all out of the blue BEFORE I got my refund? (It wasn't on my account until hours after I had said I received it.)

I also let Paypal know that because hookedonmac lied about putting the wrong address down, that they should immediately remove the bullshit credit she got as well.

See, I'm all about being honest :)

Trying to buy from users on LJ? Don't buy from this girl....

Her username is hookedonmac: so I went to paypal and emailed her, telling her that I had not received the stuff in over two weeks and that if she didn't resend the item or refund me, I was going to file a claim.

We went back and forth and she claimed that I was lying and that I really did receive it. I have 100% positive feedback and have never had a problem with that kind of thing, so I filed a claim with her. (and one other person. That is a big problem with not automatically including tracking in your price. Not everyone is going to remember to ask, and that was why we ended up in this situation, because the sellers did NOT offer it.)

Anywho, after I argued back and forth with her, she told me she had me blocked from her LJ.

This girl absolutely refused to give up what her LJ name was.....don't you think that is odd, for someone who is supposedly a good seller and whatnot? She says that it is petty that I am freaking out over almost 15 dollars, but who would let something like that go when they didn't even receive the goods? And who is this person to accuse me of lying to her about not getting them? Why would I waste my time?

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Trey. If you happen to be reading my LJ, please message me. Email me. Something. truedove@hotmail.com

I've been trying to find your number :(
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