March 23rd, 2010

Sweeties Crap

I joined sweetiesxx after being thrown out for absolutely no reason. The community was highjacked and the original owner was banned because one of the mods created it so that Mary could run it. The same person who created the community for Mary actually LEFT the community at some point, and got pissed off when she was removed from mod status recently, so she bitched to LJ in order to pretend that she was the real owner. I joined the community after it all happened on a different s/n and said this:

Ever since I came back to this community, I was friendly and kind to everyone. I do apologize for past drama that I have taken any part in, but I was allowed to come back and had made up for it by not bringing up any past crap or starting anything with any person. I was on a hiatus until I was thrown out for no real true reason because I had just moved and am still settling in. I have absolutely nothing to do with the crap that was going on with Mary, and if you ask all members that have been around for the past several months, you will know that I have not been dishonest in this post. I read in a recent mod post by new management that there will be no drama and there will be no bullshit startin or ANYTHING....but ask yourselves this: Just because you do not like someone, and have butted heads with them in the past, does that mean that you have to use your newfound power to get rid of them? I was a rightful member, just like everyone else. I had nothing to do with anything that happened recently, and I have just as much of a right to stay as everyone else. With that said, if you want to appear as an honest, drama-free and fair new moderator, then you will allow the people that were innocent bystanders in the recent overhaul to stay in the community and give them an opportunity to show you how wrong you are about them. I don't even know why I'm wasting my breath saying this, because I shouldn't have to prove myself to a community I was already rightfully a part of. I have no problem with the new owners, not even in the least. I prefer to learn from my past and then let it go.

Lastly, if you guys are as fair and drama-free as you claim and allow me to come back to where I was already accepted, then great. If not, whatever. You have the chance to prove that the overthrow wasn't meaningless, and that everyone has a voice and should be heard.

I have a feeling that this post will be deleted, so I wish everyone the best and I hope that you are all doing great this week. Ashleigh, stay strong.

-Paloma, PalomanRegina, Conan O'brien lover


The people claiming to really be in charge of the community stated that they would not be like dictators, they were there for the members and were only there to put down their foot in any case that drama occurred or whatever. I had been on a hiatus for a few weeks, but when I was active upon my return to the community, there was no drama between me and anyone else at any point. The fact that they deleted my post and tried to cover up what I had said goes to show that they really ARE abusing their newfound power. I knew it was going to happen, and here is my time to show the light to the ignorant members. I say ignorant not as an insult, but because most of the members only heard one side.

Mary was the community owner. Fact. She delegated responsibilities, because as comm owner, that is what she's expected to do. Delegate, supervise, etc. As an owner, you shouldn't have all or even most of the responsibilities, and for that, you have co-moderators. People weren't doing their job, but loved having the mod status, and got pissed off when she revoked them due to their own laziness and slacking.

And now people think that because they took over and had to start everything fresh, that they are saviors or something. But just because you have to fix all the shit that was messed up because you took over a community that wasn't truly yours, does NOT mean that you are doing something for the are doing it for yourself. If you are deleting posts made by people that have different views than you, and throwing people out just because you don't like them, you are doing something that is the complete opposite of what you claim to stand for.

You guys aren't being fair, you are doing what you want when it suits you.

One of the moderators responded to my post with this:

Paloma, you are not a rightful member. You were banned a long time ago for starting shit with me and numerous members. The only reason you were alllowed back in was because I had to let mary think I lied about what steena said about her, so she thought you were an angel and put the blame on me.

Also, since I was not a member here I saw comments where you stated I was a nutcase, yet your the one still looking at my journal (I check my stats). I'm not dealing with your drama or any that you bring. This post will be deleted and you will not be a member here to start issues with me or anyone else here again.

Steena Amanda and I all feel the same way, and as soon as they see this post, it will be deleted.

If your personal issues with me are the reason for throwing me out, then you aren't doing your job. You are doing things for selfish reasons. You are doing things for YOURSELF, not the community. The fact that we didn't get along in the past has nothing to do with how I am in the community.

Btw, I haven't looked at your profile in quite a while, and the only reason why I ever did, was because a little bird told me that you were posting crap directed towards me and I wanted to see what it said. I do recall you checking out my journal as well, so what? Is it against the law to check out someones profile? I still had your phone number for quite a while, and I could have done many many things with it, but did I? No. You and I hadn't talked in quite a while, and yet to say something to me in your profile when I hadn't said anything to or about brought that on yourself. You want me to stay off your LJ? Keep my name out of your mouth. Simple as that. Don't give me a reason to check out your LJ, dumbass, and that solves the problem plain as day.

Steena, Amanda and Ashleigh are all friends. They never ran the community, Mary did. Steena never did her job as a moderator, Ashleigh started shit and lied about other members/moderators in order to start fights and crap, and Amanda was just as looney as the other two. They are all deceitful, manipulative, and they don't have a right to take what is not theirs. If you all continue to stay in that community, then it is because you believe in being what they are being. Liars, Manipulators, thieves, etc.

Make your choice, but choose wisely, because what do you in response to this post will speak volumes, good or bad, about your character.