paloma_n_regina (paloma_n_regina) wrote,


Friends you've known for years
or Friends you have only just met
Friends that you can trust with anything
and Friends that you turn out to regret
Friends that you know online
or Friends you see every day
Friends that are loyal to the end
and Friends that happen to stray
Friends that offer a shoulder to cry on
and Friends that are too busy to care
Friends that can keep a secret
or Friends that take your business and share
Friends that talk behind your back
and Friends that say it to your face
Friends that would never betray you
or Friends that always conspire.
Some people pay for friends
And some people don't need to
But everyone has experienced that friend
The friend that you have to question
The friend that you can't help but hate
The one who stabs you in the back
Or sleeps with a loved one
The one who badmouths you when you
Aren't around
The one that claims that it's all your fault
The one that says "It's not personal!"
And the one that denies it altogether.
There is nothing like a true ride or die friend
Nothing in this world.
So why is it so hard to find one
Who doesn't do these things?
Why is it so hard to fulfill simple qualities?
Friends are Friends
and Family is Family
But be careful which ones you trust til the end
Because all Friends have a price.
Tags: poetry

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